1964 Ford F100

In 2010 I was given a 1964 Ford F100 as my first car. Despite the tacky green flames and lack of power steering, I was beyond ecstatic. Here was my very own car, and a ticket to the freedom that every teenager craves. I didnt know it yet, but that truck would go on to teach me more valuable lessons and knowledge than any high school class I sat through. I had very little knowledge or interest in anything automotive, and no one to teach me how to work on such an old truck. Less than a year later when the original 292ci motor seized, I decided that if I wanted to keep the truck, I would need to start teaching myself. Thanks to the truck, my introduction into the automotive world was dirty, greasy and exciting. In my parents garage, I discovered a passion for cars that I will carry throughout my life.


  • Big block 352ci Ford-Edsel motor bored .06 over
  • 21 circuit custom wiring harness
  • Rear axle geared to 2.75:1
  • Leather paneled interior