I am currently a student at Oregon State University. I work as a part time barista, and go to school for mechanical engineering. I have a passion for design, and a work ethic to back it up. When not studying, my weekends are spent exploring the pacific northwest, or wrenching on my current project, a 1981 Honda Motorcycle. I take pride in applying the concepts learned in class to my own personal projects. I am looking for an internship during Summer 2016 that will challenge my skills as a mechanical engineer.

Work Experience

Engineering Intern – Architectural Glass and Aluminum - Livermore, CA

I was responsible for drafting plans and fabrication packets for building the curtain walls of large scale buildings. I also assisted in the company-wide transition from AutoCad to Inventor and developed workflows and tutorials to simplify process. Part of this process involved developing an inventory control system for linking parts and assemblies to buildings and unitized system characteristics. This system was used by my team with excellent results.